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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

What is Equine-Assisted Learning?

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is not the same as Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT). EAL focuses on offering safe experiences with horses for the purposes of enhancing the quality of life, personal development, social, emotional and relationship skills. EAL is also used for professional development (e.g. team building and leadership). 


It is a non-therapy based service that can include many of the same activities and tasks as EAT, but the focus of the session stays in the here and now, focusing on the choices we have in the present.

EAL is a great fit for:

  • Those who want experiential learning

  • Learning about yourself

  • Developing communication and relational skills

  • Learning valuable life-skills

  • Building social-emotional skills

  • Increased quality of life

  • Developing corporate organisational skills

  • Improving or discovering leadership skills

  • Team building

  • Fun activities or bonding experiences for business teams

  • Developing self-awareness and social skills in young people

  • Deepening spiritual practice


Benefits of Equine-Assisted Learning

  • Getting outside in a natural setting

  • Being up close with horses

  • Trying new things and having new experiences

  • Learning about yourself and others in a practical way

  • Having fun and ‘lightening the load’

  • Stimulating creativity

  • Gaining new perspectives on old patterns

  • Playing as learning

  • Experimenting with new ways of being and doing

  • Enhanced relationships between corporate team members

  • Enhanced performance of corporate team members

  • Enlivening outdated practices


What Does an EAL Session look like?

Upon booking your EAL session, you will arrive at Serendipity’s purpose-built facility, sign a disclaimer and do a little introduction about yourself and your goal’s (therefore what you would hope to take away from your experience). 


The first task is observing the herd at liberty in the arena while herd dynamics are explained as it plays out in front of you.  You can then go into the herd environment with Dawn and Joanne to guide you. 


Grooming the horses may be an option at this point to introduce yourself to the horses or an activity/task involving the horses. 


All sessions are finished with a debrief, each session after the first is started with a debrief about how the sessions before may have effected change in your day-to-day life.

So why not get in touch and come see for yourself how the herd can help you!

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