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Meet the Team

Equine Specialist - Joanne Ragg

I have worked with horses all my life. I began my career in the UK, working with the Thoroughbred racing industry and riding stables. After moving to NZ, my husband and I established Serendipity Equine in 1999, a partnership focused on horse training and breeding.


The training applies a range of modern, non-aggressive methods with an emphasis on communication between horse and rider. The breeding focuses on calm, versatile, all-round performance horses, particularly the beautiful Cleveland Bay.


Over the years my work increasingly focused on the people: the owners, riders and the relationship with their horses. In 2010 I decided to take this a step further and explore ways for non-equestrians to experience the powerful benefits of interacting with horses.


I completed training with the Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA, USA) and incorporated horse-assisted therapy and learning into the Serendipity partnership. 


In 2019 Serendipity relocated to purpose-built facilities in North Nelson and has now expanded to incorporate EquineSELF (‘Serendipity Equine-Led Facilitators’). Here the horses are in charge, acting as teachers and therapists, bringing growth, learning and support to individuals, families and corporate teams in a safe and supportive environment.


I have a degree in Equine Science, a diploma in Equine Business Management and am an Equine-Assisted therapist



Mental Health specialist - Dawn Marron

​I am a trained trauma-informed counsellor who has been working from a somatic perspective for nearly thirty years. My training includes dance and art therapy, sound and voice therapy, somatic experiencing, neuro-linguistic programming and equine-assisted psychotherapy.


I'm currently taking a further deep dive into EAL/EAP and have also begun training as an IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist. I am a fully certified eating disorder coach and am passionate about helping others with all things food and/or body image related.


My approach is holistic and organic and I am committed to holding space for kinder, non-violent, non-pathologising perspectives on mental health that incorporate mind/body principles. 

Working with horses, as my partners, has encouraged and enabled me to become more fully embodied, to know myself better and to un-become who I am not. They have gently nuzzled me towards my truth whilst whole-heartedly reminding me that being present and curious are the most powerful resources I have at my disposal.


I wouldn't be who I am today without their authentic non-judgment and acceptance. I sincerely look forward to working with you alongside Joanne and the horses. Who knows what miracles await? 

Dawn Bio photo.jpg

The Herd - the equine part of our team

The horses at Serendipity are not only a true herd but also a real family. They are a mixed bag of personalities and characters just like your team or family. But each horse has his/her own individual personality with likes and dislikes just like us. 


Most have been bred and lived with the same family all of their lives. The whole herd has been helping us with our work at EquineSELF for many years but there is no particular training required as all we need is for them to be authentic, which basically means being themselves which all horses will do if they feel safe in their environment. 

Serendipity Balthazar (aka-Curly)

Mr take it or leave it - but if he takes it, you better be ready!

Curly head.jpg

Serendipity Mambo

Class clown and entertainer

Mambo and ball 2.jpg

Murchiston Grace

Looks into your soul with all her love.


Serendipity To Roa (aka - Roo)

Stealer of hearts.


Serendipity Papita (aka - Papii)

Miss independent, heart of steel.


Silverfern Blue Jeans (aka - Roger)

The big man.


Serendipity Dancer

The biggest heart of all.


So, come meet the team in person to begin your team building, leadership, equine-assisted therapy or equine-assisted learning experience.

Get in touch today!

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