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for EquineSELF
Hosted by Serendipity
at 625 Wakapuaka Road, Hira.
Friday 3rd March 2023 1.30pm till 3.30pm
Saturday 4th March2023 1.30pm till 3.30pm

Koha admission to go towards a research project on Equine Assisted Therapy.

Our goal is to welcome you into the physical and emotional world of the horse and to guide and support you through the myriad opportunities they provide for self-learning. Through profound presence and rich metaphors, horses help to expand your understanding of self, others and team dynamics and to identify what you’re great at and perhaps where things need attention.

Our mission (and hopefully yours too) is to develop improved awareness, confidence, communication, respect, empathy, patience, authenticity and embodied choice. Horses assist you in honing skills in leadership, team building, congruence, self-regulation, engagement and motivation – all without judgment.

At EquineSELF we let horses lead and we invite you to experience how they signpost your way to a more expansive, happy and fulfilling life. We open the gate into the world of horses and walk beside you as they lead you through the obstacles of life and work. Our job is to help you interpret the actions of the horses for your personal and professional growth and we do this using metaphors relevant to your individual journey.

Open the gate and allow our horses to light your way...

Come and join us for a koha open day session at Serendipity Equine, 625 Wakapuaka Road, Hira (just 10 mins from town).


Get a hands on experience of this incredible, leading edge work, get some fresh air and support a local business.  We’ll even give you some afternoon tea.

For more information on what we do go to  email:

From our herd to yours, we all look forward to seeing you there.

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